MicroApache 2.0.64 with PHP 5.2.17 for Windows

von blogger

After I researching some time the web, I ended up in looking for the old MicroApache version that I used with „DokuWiki on a Stick“. So I decided to offer it as a download here…

Here is the download link:

MicroApache 2.0.64 PHP 5.2.17.zip

Right-click on the link and select „Save target as…“ to download the file.

The MicroApache is a full-blown Apache web server requiring only a few MB of disk space, which can be used for testing web sites during development. I personally use it as a base for a portable version of DokuWiki, which allows the reading and editing of a „DokuWiki“ wiki. Simply copy the MicroApache on a USB stick and you can start it on any Windows PC. In the present configuration the mini web server is listening on port 8800. Just start your web browser and enter the URL „http://localhost:8800/index.php“ and it displays its‘ default web page – information about the web server and the PHP version (index.php is just a copy of the phpinfo.php page).

In and below the directory „www“ the files of the website are stored. The configuration stored it „conf\httpd.conf“ can be easily adapted by using a text editor. Launch the Micro Apache by running „go.bat“ and stop it by invoking  „stop.bat„.


Never use the MicroApache except accessing it from the local system. Do not expose it on your local network or on the Internet! It is not configured for safe operation on a network. Otherwise you may compromise the security of the system hosting the MicroApache web server!